Native Spring Box Grater


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Native Spring Box Grater Cheese Vegetable Slicer with 2 Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blades is made of DURABLE MATERIAL constructed with a soft, comfortable non-slip handle. The razor-sharp blades bring you customizable shred thickness based on the grating style you select.

  • DURABLE clear see-through unit has a removable base to catch, store and release food
  • HIGH QUALITY slim construction with non-slip base to keep securely in place and conveniently fits into a drawer or cupboard when not in use
  • HANDHELD PRECISION design fits in one hand and helps hold it in place which makes it very comfortable to use
  • SUPER SHARP – coarse, medium and fine grating and slicing surfaces allow you to choose your desired size and texture.
  • EASY TO CLEAN with soap and water or put in dishwasher to easily eliminate the odors and food stains




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