Native Spring Garlic Press


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Handy, innovative, and efficient kitchen tool makes the common kitchen task easier. This user-friendly Garlic Press Twist conveniently minces, grinds, peels, chops and crushes garlic without tainting your cutting board and hands with a strong garlicky smell.

  • EASY TO USE just turn to effortlessly grind the cloves into perfect bits without using your cutting board and no strong odor on your hands.
  • HOLDS MULTIPLE cloves at a time than a regular press which saves you valuable time in the kitchen.
  • MADE OF DURABLE high-grade plastic that’s FDA approved for use with food that when used repeatedly will not break easily.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT this cute gadget is a convenient size which makes it sufficiently versatile to fit in any kitchen drawer.
  • CINCH TO CLEAN just rinse under a faucet and let it dry or it can be cleaned by wiping with a cloth. Make sure not to have your fingers or hand touch the sharp teeth.




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